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Many people dream to play piano since their childhood. It is a wonderful instrument, as it brings together an ample sound and flexibility. Various tunes can be performed on piano. Thus, piano tabs became popular.

You can simplify the process of learning to play piano by using piano tabs and chords instead of piano sheets. Piano tabs will show you how and when you should place your fingers on different keys to produce a melody. In this way, piano chords are very easy-to-use for starters

Piano tabs are like the instrument. There are no sharps, keys or flats, which you should decode. You do not need any specific devices or programs to make piano tabs. At our site, it is possible to open many piano melody tabs. You are just to choose a tab for the preferred instrument and start to play. There are piano sheet tabs in ASII format. The applet Guitar Pro can read such files. There are guitar tabs as well. Moreover, you have a chance to rewrite guitar tabs into piano tabs. Of course, the mastery to make such a transformation will come after getting some experience.

Nevertheless, piano tabs and chords are not able to give information about duration of notes and concent. Surely, it is impossible to perform a tune in correct rhythm if you are not familiar with it rather well. In this case, we advise you to opt for a specific applet Guitar Pro, which shows piano song tabs, moreover it is also possible to listen beforehand a tune in a MIDI format from melody sheets. Sure thing, you have to study notes and make use of piano note tabs if you want to be a professional pianist. Here piano tabs are a fine insight into the sphere of music.

There is a special subdivision dedicated to piano tabs at our site There is the last up-dates of the piano tabs in the section Fresh tabs. There are hits in Popular tabs. You can download everything free. Welcome!

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