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Drums build up rhythm for every melody. In the combination with a bass guitar, they form the rhythm section in an orchestra. If you are a beginner in playing drums, it may seem very difficult playing drums. It is not like performing something on a guitar. There are drum tabs, which have some strange lines and symbols. But there is no reason to worry: drum notes are not so complicated. Practice makes perfect. And very soon you will easily understand drum tabs.

Two kinds of music can be associated with drums: classical drum music and dram tabs from the Internet.

Classical drum music is composed on sheet music paper. One can use some software to keep drum notes, they can be also found in PDF files. It is commonly known that every drum component in the full suit has its special place. There are five lines in the sheet music, and every line complies with its own drum component. Bass drum corresponds to the bottom line; cymbals comply with the top one. Symbols are analogous to notes and have some characteristics, as for example, note length.

Drum tablature has recently become very popular. It happens due to their attribute to be simple in use and give possibility to unprofessional musician to perform drum parties from preferable tunes. You do not need any special and high cost software to read or compose drum tabs.

While reading drum tabs, you can see the beats and small dashes. It is the same designations as in the sheet music. They have the same meaning. There are also circles and little letter o, which represents drum components. A x means cymbals and hi-hats. At our site, we use the widest spread way of designation.

There is one weak point of our drum tabs: they are not very exact. You should know the song; otherwise, it will be not easy to read the tune in a right way. But we suggest one helpful option. It is a preview one. It mean, our special program can perform the selected drum tab for you, using information from the dram tabs.

Everything is free at our site. Please, download our high- class free drum tabs to achieve the top results.

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