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Many people can say that the dominate method of playing guitar is with the help of music paper and notes. However, it is interesting to mention, that the first idea to make and use tabs was accomplished more than three hundred years ago. At present even professional musicians use guitar tabs. Thereafter it is logical to use them for beginners and not skilled guitarists to get better results.

We hope, you know, that in reality guitar tabs are just drawings of six strings. Figures indicate where you should put your fingers. Other figures on the same line tell how many frets are in one chord. If there are no figures on any strings, these strings are “open “, that is to say, they are played without placing fingers on frets. The strings marked by “x” are not involved into a chord.

At starting, you have to make efforts at performing melodies using guitar tabs, but afterwards you will get over it and will easily start to learn new tunes. Begin with simple guitar tabs. In general, chords and tabs are made for an acoustic guitar. Nevertheless, at present more and more tabs for electric guitar come out too. Moreover having some experience, you can rewrite acoustic guitar tabs into electric ones.

If you have no experience, begin with tunes, which have chords and learn them. Guitar tablature for starters in general has designations of chords indicated above tabs. Big letters from A to G are the designations. Minor Chords, Seventh Chords and Major Chords are the most popular ones.

The letter “m” signifies the Minor Chords. The figure 7 (seven) marks the Seventh Chords. If there no letter “m” or figure “7”, it means the chords are Major ones. If you remember the chords you perform, where you put your fingers while playing, you will put on speed of your playing.

There is an idea that one should be born with a talent for guitar playing. Nevertheless, life experience proves the opposite. If you learn and train much, you can become an excellent guitarist. The main thing is not to lose savor to guitar playing. It is not so easy, as it seems to be. We would like to give you a friendly steer: perform melodies, which you like. And we are going to supply you with free guitar tabs of various styles and genres of all times.

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