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About project

It seems to many beginning guitarists and pianists that they will never learn to play a guitar or a piano and, for example, sing at the same time. In the first training times, it seems an impossible dream. However, immediately they can be quieted the skill appears with practice.

It is proved by centuries-old experience, that people can be taught any skill. Nevertheless, the difference is that some get it very quickly and skillfully by virtue of their natural talent. And others have to place the major efforts for receipt of a positive result. The situation even with play a guitar, especially accompanied with simultaneous singing, is also the case.

Our site is for those ones who want to learn themselves to play a guitar or a piano to become darlings and an irreplaceable guest of parties afterwards, for example.

We are going to tell, how:

  • to begin with the simplest chords of tablatures and focus on their proper and steady performing;
  • to learn a text of a song and sing during play, gradually perfecting the technique of singing;
  • to play a guitar and count simultaneously aloud "and one- and two- and three- and four- and..." Such exercise will help to learn not to upset correct tempo. If rhythm is not already upset, one may stop the count aloud and only stamp your foot. If the rhythmic pattern is received automatically, one may gradually add words and sing a song. Over time simultaneously you will be able to combine play and singing;
  • to find a simple song or tune, which you like, to individually learn to play or to play and to sing simultaneously;
  • to try to play it by the record and together with this to sing it;
  • to bring learning of a song to subconscious performance;
  • not to recall neither the chords nor fingers` positions while playing, to give all the attention to the beauty of performance.

In no case be disappointed if at once it sounds badly and unless you can`t see real improvement. The regular occupations over time will necessarily deliver a positive result. Perhaps, like great guitarists, someday you will be able to perform the works where rhythmic and melody parts of a musical instrument and the voices are seriously taken up. Remember, experience does not appear too fast. Hard work is behind any great achievements. Choose a most suited for you method of training, experiment, take into consideration advice of professionals and trust your talent. And our website is always at your disposal to help and give some pieces of advice. Set yourselves the goal and you will necessarily achieve it.

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