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Love And Truth by Yui chord

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Love And Truth by Yui chord (text):

Love and Truth - YUI
Tabbed by: xXBlackCat

Tuning: Standard.

:D Yey. I love this song, and i listened over and over to get it tabbed. :|
So yeah, Here you go?
I'm too lazy to space the chords, it's not that hard to understand?

Dm7 A7 C G
Bb C Bb A7

Dm C Bb C
Konna ni omotte iru Jikan wa tomatte kurenai
Dm C Bb C
Karappo no kokoro wa anata no kimochi wo mada mitsukerarenai
Bb C
Onaji e wo nido to egaku koto wa dekinai no ni
Bb C A7
Atashi no kanjou wa tada kurikaeshite bakari
Dm A7 C G Bb C A7
“Ai no uta” wo kikasete yo sono yokogao mitsumeta
Dm A7 C G Bb C
Anata no koto shiritai yo mou deatte shimatta no

The middle part thingy?:
Dm C Bb C
Dm C Bb

Dm C Bb C
Donna ni sabishikute mo mata aeru ki ga shite iru kara
Dm C Bb C
Riyuu nante iranai hiki kaesenai koto wo shitte iru
Bb C
Kono mama ja wasuremono ni natte shimau desho?
Bb C A7
Atashi no kanjou wa namida no oku kagayaita
Dm A7 C G Bb C A7
“Ai no uta” wo kikasete yo sono yokogao sono saki ni
Dm A7 C G Bb C
Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakatte mo
Gm Am Bb C
Tsubasa wo kudasai to shinjite utau you ni
Gm Am Bb C A7 Dm A7 C G
Atashi datte chikau yo Kako no zenbu uke ireru tte kimeta
Dm A7 C G Bb C A7
“Ai no uta” wo kuchizusamu sono egao ni furetai
Dm A7 C G Bb C
Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakatte mo
Dm A7 C G Bb C A7
“Ai no uta” wa owaranai mou deatte shimatta no
Dm A7 C G Bb C
Owaranai, Love & Truth

Dm7 A7 C G
Bb C Bb A7 Dm

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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