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If We Fall In Love by Yeng Constantino chord

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If We Fall In Love by Yeng Constantino chord (text):

If We Fall In Love Chords by Yeng Constantino, 

Composed by: RJ Jimenez
Sung by: Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez
Tabbed by: Unplugged Band

This is the unplugged version of the Unplugged band perform at SWU-Spirit Day; as
Vocals: Rocel Bargamento
Guitar: Elery Cadole
Keyboards: Luisyn TaƱeca


       Keyboard:      Dm - Bb - Am
       Guitar fill:   F - C,  F - C
                      C#\C, C#\ C
	              C - C

[Verse 1]
There'll be no ordinary days for you
     Bb            Am       Gm            C
If there is someone who cares like I do.
You have no reasons to be sad anymore
            Dm                 Em       Dm              Em
I'm always ready with a smile with just a glimpse of you

   Bb               Am
You don't have to search no more
    G               Am              Bb                 C
Cause I am someone who will love you for sure.

    F             Am
So if we fall in love
       Bb                         C
Maybe we'll sing this song as one.
F               Am
If we fall in love
         Bb                    C
We can write a better song than this.
F              Am
If we fall in love
         Bb               C
We will have this melody in our heads.
F              Am
If we fall in love
     Bb                         C                              
Anywhere with you would be a better place.

        Dm - Bb - Am
	Dm - Bb - Am
	C#\C, C#\C
	C - C

[Verse 2]
You can watch that movies in a different light
        Bb                         Am         G                      C
So I'll be right there beside you, hugging you oh so tight(oh so tight).
'Cause we'll never be so cold and empty again
               Bb              Am           G                       C
'Cause I will keep my heart and arms and won't let go(never let you go).

[Repeat Refrain]

[Repeat Chorus]

G -G     
  A         Bb            F- F (pitch bend)
Feels so good when you're around.
     G                     Am                 Dm                     C
One smile from you (one smile from you) oh I just feel so right.

[Repeat Chorus]    except last line
     Bb                         C                       (C in ending)
Anywhere with you would be a better place.

Hope you'll like it mga pipz...

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