The Pony Man ver.1 by Gordon Lightfoot guitar tab
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The Pony Man by Gordon Lightfoot guitar tab

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The Pony Man by Gordon Lightfoot guitar tab (text):

(G) When it's midnight on the meadow and the (C) cats are in the (G) shed 
And the river tells a (C) story at the (D/F#) window by my bed 
If you (G) listen very closely, be as (C) quiet as you (G) can 
In the yard you'll (C) hear him, it (D) is the pony (G) man

We're always there to greet him when he tumbles into town 
He leads a string of ponies, some are white and some are brown 
And they never seem to kick or bite, they only want to play 
And they live on candy apples instead of oats and hay

And when we are assembled, he gives a soft command 
And we climb aboard our ponies as in a row they stand 
Then down the road we gallop and across the fields we fly 
And soon we all go sailing off into the midnight sky

And as we gaily rock along beside a rippling sea 
There's Tom and Dick and Sally and Mary Jo and me 
And the pony man is leading 'cause he's travelled here before 
And he gives a whoop and a holler at Mr. Moon's front door

And then we form in single file, inside the moon we go 
Into a land of magic that the grownups do not know 
Where the streets are paved with chocolate and the trees are hung with toys 
And there's chewing gum for every one of the little girls and boys

And then we stop to rest a while where the soda river glides 
Up to the slip comes a pirate ship to take us for a ride 
And the pony man's the captain and the children are the crew 
And we go in search of treasure and laugh the whole night through

But then the clouds surround us and the seas begin to boil 
And the wind howls like a dragon as upon the decks we toil 
When 'longside floats a bottle which soon on board is hove 
With a map inside which leads us to a giant treasure trove

And when the hold is filled with gold and the sails begin to strain
And the deck's piled high with apple pie we head for port again 
Then down the whirling starcase so swift our ponies fly 
And we're safely in our beds again when the sunbeams kiss the sky

When it's midnight on the meadow and the cats are in the shed 
And the river tells a story at the window by my bed 
If you listen very closely, be as quiet as you can 
In the yard you'll hear him, it is the pony man
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2016-09-21 14:13:26

I have never found any recording of this song by either Gordon Lightfoot himself, or another artist covering it, that contains Verses #5 and #7. IDid Gordon ever record a version with all of these verses and I have just missed it somehow?