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Bands » Zebrahead » Whats Going On » Lyrics

Whats Going On by Zebrahead lyrics

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Whats Going On by Zebrahead lyrics (text):

Seems like everybody's got a problem
No one knows how
But, we all want to solve 'em
You could give a dime
Give a hand
Or give a shit
Or could look away and never deal with it

For example
This girl is pretty fly for a white gal
All the guys want her even though she's a juvenite
She's really kinda sad and just don't care
'Cause the only one she wants is her best friend Claire

What's going on?
What's going on?
Ready or not - NOT
The world moves on and on and on
Yo, what's going on?

There's nothing much to me
I'm simple like you are, ordinary
My tired eyes can see
That time may fly
And what's left is
Meant to be
I'm looking out
You're looking in
It's taken more then time
To erase the stain
And it's never been the same

Any city
A girl turns 17, goes to a party
She and her girls are drinkin barcardi
Ever since she walked through the door
All the guys have been scoping and flexing tryin' to score
But she's a good girl
So she won't have none of that
She takes another sip
But has no clue of the spike from the G to the H to the B
She wakes up in the morning
Bruised and raped in the street

What's going on?
What's going on?
Ready or not - NOT
The world moves on and on and on
Yo, what's going on?


Your town
A kid that you know goes to school
He's really kinda shy and not that cool
He knows what it's like to look in from the outside
Inside, he just wants someone to confide
But everyone's busy and no one's got the time
He takes his dad's gun and says
"This is how I'll shine"
Boom, boom, boom
And the kids fall down 
On the ground
Dumbfound (dumbfound)

What's going on?
What's going on?
Ready or not - NOT
The world moves on and on and on
Yo, what's going on?

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