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Caffeine Bomb by The Wildhearts lyrics

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Caffeine Bomb by The Wildhearts lyrics (text):

Eyes dried tight gotta get myself together
Need a kickstart cocktail, ten percent coffee
With a high rise family size, guaranteed to catonize
The little bit of brain I got a-hanging on from last night 

I need a double take, a-just to get awake
To try and counteract the hollow feeling nature makes
It's gonna work a treat, gonna get me on my feet
It's a teasing little tonic with a kick like a mule and a skip on the beat 

It ain't right, it ain't wrong, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
Too sweet, a-too strong, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a ca-ca-ca-ca-caffeine bomb 

Overdo the sugar and the coffee and the whiskey
In my biggest mug 'til the varnish starts to melt
I gotta wake up shake any webbing I'm a-shedding
Any grogginess I felt before I sweated all the poison from my body to my quilt 

And it's been too long, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
What a buzz, what a song, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-caffeine bomb 

Hangover, so hung over, pour me a doctor, send it over
Something that'll stop my legs from shaking, something that'll stop my head from aching
Hangover, so hung over, breath of a juiced up holy roller pounding 

Baby can't you see I shitting brown water
Well it's a case of easy come and easy go
I need a caffeine bomb to wake me in the morning
I need a caffeine bomb to get me to the show
Oh no, I think I'm gonna throw (bleurgh!) 

Hands all sticky and I'm spilling all the whiskey on
Myself, my friends, my dog, my floor, my God, my head feels like something crawled inside it
And the medicine I ordered should be kicking any second and I gotta be getting me more 

A-let's go, let's get it on, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
Faye Wray, King Kong, I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a caffeine bomb
I need a bomb, I need a ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-caffeine bomb 

I need a caffeine bomb(x4)
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